Welcome to Vina Facility Management

We are manufacturers of premium car seat covers.

Choose VFM Trims to manufacture all kinds of tailor-fit car seat covers for you. As a leading Car Seat Manufacturer, we design, develop, manufacture and distribute befitting seat covers for all kinds of cars. Providing long-lasting, waterproof, strong, and customized car seat covers at prices that suit your pocket is specialty of VFM Trims.

Why Buy From Us?

To get best in class Seat Covers- that are designed, customized and manufactured for your car only.

We let you get tailor-made car-seat covers that beautify interiors and add elegance to your car. We have designers and expert labor-force that ensure comforts at best prices. Understanding specific requirements of our clients and providing services that are convenient to them motivate us to ensure quality Car Seat manufacturing that guarantees their satisfactions.

Inclusion of high persistence materials for seat backing lets us ensure high durability for all our seat covers. From Leather Seat Covers & Car Comfort Kits to Steering Covers & Body Covers- VFM TRIMS is one place that guarantees absolute satisfaction for Car-Owners.


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