Terms & conditions

  1. Roadside and Home Assistance

What is covered:

Roadside Assistance is available if the Eligible Vehicle is stranded on the highway or at the home address. If, following a breakdown, a patrol or appointed agent cannot fix the Eligible Vehicle within a reasonable time, it will be taken to a SEAT Service Partner or to a local destination of Your choice, provided it is no further; SEAT Assistance will make a telephone call at Your request following a breakdown.

What is not covered:

The cost of spare parts, fuel, oil, keys or other materials required to repair the Eligible Vehicle or any supplier delivery or call-out charges related to these items; The cost of any labour, other than that provided by SEAT Assistance or its agents under Your SEAT Assistance at the scene of the breakdown or accident; Any additional transport or other costs that You might incur or any incidental expenses that may arise during a recovery. SEAT Assistance cannot accept any costs for passengers who do not accompany the vehicle while it is being recovered; Routine maintenance and running repairs e.g. radios, interior light bulbs, heated rear windows; Assistance following a breakdown or accident attended by the police, highways agency or other emergency service, until the services concerned have authorised the vehicle’s removal. If the police, highways agency or emergency service insist on recovery by a third party, the cost of this must be met by You; A second or subsequent recovery, after the Eligible Vehicle has been recovered following a breakdown; All things excluded under General Terms of Service.

Onward Travel

What is covered:

Onward Travel is available if the Eligible Vehicle is immobilised following a breakdown which SEAT Assistance has attended under Roadside Assistance or Home Assistance where SEAT Assistance cannot arrange a prompt local repair. You may choose from either a replacement vehicle OR overnight accommodation OR public transport costs (see below for full details of what is covered under each benefit).

What is not covered:

Onward Travel cannot be provided retrospectively except in exceptional circumstances that may be agreed by SEAT Assistance at its discretion.


Onward Travel benefit options:

  1. What is covered:

This benefit consists of arranging and paying for a replacement vehicle plus third party and fully comprehensive insurance, for up to 5 working days from an AA chosen supplier. If the car of the requested category is not available, the replacement should be made using a similar or equivalent category of car. Where possible, and unless the receipt of the hire vehicle is delayed at Your request and with SEAT Assistance’s agreement, SEAT Assistance will arrange for any replacement vehicle to be provided by the supplier around the time and point of the relevant breakdown. If the hire vehicle is not taken at that time, You are responsible for arranging delivery direct with the relevant supplier. SEAT Assistance may be prepared to assist in the making of these arrangements.

What is not covered:

Other charges arising from Your use of the hire vehicle, such as (without limitation) fuel costs, any insurance excess charges, and charges arising if You keep the vehicle for more than the agreed hours provision identified in Onward Travel Benefit Options (A) Temporary Loan Vehicle “What is covered” above. Replacement vehicles cannot be supplied with a tow bar, and therefore Your caravan or trailer will have to, if eligible, be recovered under Relay with Your Vehicle.

Please note: Replacement cars are supplied to You by SEAT Assistance chosen suppliers. The vehicle hire agreement will be between You and the relevant supplier and will be subject to that supplier’s Terms & Conditions. These will usually require or include (amongst other things):

Production of a full driving licence valid at the time of issue of the hire vehicle;
Limits on acceptable endorsements;
Limitations on the availability and/or engine capacity of the replacement vehicle;
A cash or credit card deposit e.g. for fuel;
Drivers to be aged at least 18 years and to have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months.


B: Public transport costs

SEAT Assistance will reimburse reasonable public transport costs incurred by the Driver and up to a maximum of seven passengers travelling to a single India mainland destination. Claims should be made in writing and sent together with proofs of purchases and receipts to: SEAT Assistance, Village-Kherki Daula, Opposite-Indian Post Office, Near Haldiram Hotel,
Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Old Khandsa Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India-122004. Any claim for transport costs must be submitted to us within 28 days of the relevant breakdown and will be subject to the limit stated above.

What is covered

Additional expenses from one or a combination of:

  1. Contribution towards hiring an alternative vehicle;
  2. Air fares (economy)
  3. Rail fares (first class)
  4. Local taxi fares up to 100 Euros


C: Overnight accommodation

SEAT Assistance will arrange and pay directly for one night’s bed and breakfast on the day of the breakdown at a hotel of its choice up a total of £300.00. Please note that any additional costs incurred during overnight accommodation such as other meals, drinks, telephone calls and newspapers are not included. You must settle these direct with the hotel before leaving.


  1. Relay

What is covered:

Relay is available when SEAT Assistance provides either Roadside Assistance or Home Assistance and SEAT Assistance cannot arrange a local repair within a reasonable time; Relay provides recovery of the Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of seven passengers to a SEAT Service Partner or any single destination of Your choice on the INDIA mainland or in Northern Ireland (see also General Terms of Service).

What is not covered:

Relay will not be provided if We are able to arrange a prompt local repair within a reasonable time
Recovery of the Eligible Vehicle to a SEAT Service Partner if the Eligible Vehicle is at or within a quarter of a mile or less of the Home Address
Recovery of an immobilised vehicle where we consider this to be part of a commercial activity, for example, to, from or for motor dealers or delivery companies
The recovery of a vehicle being used for racing, rallying, trials or time trials, auto tests or other motor sport events
The recovery of any vehicle that we consider would be dangerous or illegal for us to load or transport (including, but not limited to, overloaded vehicles)
A second or subsequent recovery (e.g. the return journey from Your chosen destination or following a further breakdown of the Eligible Vehicle)
Any costs for passengers who do not accompany the Eligible vehicle while it is being recovered under Relay
The recovery of any vehicles bearing trade plates and/or which we have reason to believe have just been imported or purchased at auction
The recovery or horses or livestock
Ferry costs

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